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Living in a society that constantly tells you that you aren’t good enough and that you should change, and that once you make these certain changes then you can start living—is hard. Overcoming harmful thoughts that come to our minds because of our diet culture, fat-shaming culture, and self-hate culture can take a huge toll on us. Loving yourself is tough. Loving yourself takes time, and it’s definitely hard work. Many people don’t know how to love themselves, many people say that they never could, and a lot of people don’t want to. 

Join me in practicing RADICAL SELF WORSHIP with an easy, fun, and exciting challenge. I’m here to challenge you to not just love yourself but to worship yourself. We fantasize about lives that we could easily not ever lead, we dream of having certain bodies, we think about how amazing celebrities look on the red carpet, and we wish for something more— constantly. Wishing for more and dreaming big dreams and setting goals are definitely not bad things, but embracing what you have and who you are in the simplest form is important and necessary to leading a peaceful, relaxed life. Our cut-throat, fast-paced, competitive world resists the act of self-love and worship. This is a radical act.

I’ve found that loving yourself and showing confidence in your existence can spread to other people around you. Positive energy flows throughout us all, and ridding ourselves of those negative thoughts that we have can help all of us to love ourselves, but also each other. Promoting this love and care for others can make a small impact in specific sections of the Earth, but if enough of us do it we could make a huge dent in our world. How we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves; many times when we are negative or dislike something about someone else it is because of an issue that we have with ourselves. Striving to see the best in everyone and striving to be the best you can be is radical self worship. 


Worship yourself intentionally at least once a day, over a period of two weeks. This time period doesn’t have to start on a specific date, or end on a specific date. It can be something that you end up not liking so much and can be shorter, or it can be something that you end up loving so much that you want to make it permanent. Skipping a day isn’t armageddon. Just try. 

This worship can be tons of different actions, like going for a walk one day, giving someone a consensual and meaningful hug, painting your nails the next day, taking a bath another day, drinking less coffee another day, complimenting someone, thanking someone for being your friend, smoking less another day, smiling, setting goals for yourself in a little notebook the next day, or anything else you might come up with!

Let me know what you’re doing by sharing your experiences through social networking. Through Facebook, you can share what you’re doing on my Facebook page's wall, or message me if you'd rather it not be public. You can also share this blog post. On Tumblr, you can write each day or once about your experience with RADICAL SELF WORSHIP and add the hashtag #radicalselfworship to your post. On Twitter you can tweet your struggles and/or any positive feelings you’re having from the challenge with the hashtag #radicalselfworship and @reply me at @cortnie. For Instagram you can post pictures of what you’re doing each day with the hashtag #radicalselfworship and mention me in your caption at @cortniexo.

Make sure you follow me on all of those social media outlets so that you can see my own personal updates, because I’m participating in this as well.

Here is a badge that you can share on your posts, or on your own blog! It is 200 width! Resize if necessary, just please link back to this post or my blog. You can also share the bigger version above. Post wherever! Save the image, upload, and set a link to this post with it. If you need help, email me at!

I’m starting my RADICAL SELF WORSHIP on Monday, February 18th. I will continue the challenge until Monday, March 4th.. in hopes of continuing on longer than that.

Be on the lookout for a video in the next few days with more explanations, motivation, and all around love. When it’s available, I’ll post it here so people can reference it for the challenge, and I’ll post it on my YouTube & Facebook page, of course! :)

I cannot WAIT to hear about your experiences!

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